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Having both a 3Ker and 4Ker this year, we have seen so many things that show how well both programs have been going for our children.


When I pick my kids up from school and the first thing out of my 3 year old's mouth on more than one occasion is, "I love my school Mommy" it definitely makes you feel you have done well in choosing St. Mary. Also, when we hear our children whispering words in Spanish to themselves and each other as they settle in for sleep at night, it is clear they are learning so much and getting such a great education. We could not be happier with St. Mary.

                                                           - Christian Cullen

Words cannot express my appreciation and affection for my education at St. Mary's school. It was so important for me to learn about Jesus with my peers outside the home environment. I am very grateful for the catechesis I received and the many fond memories in my 9 years at St. Mary's School.


                                                           -Jacob Rosemeyer

I am very happy that I graduated from St. Mary's school. It has taught me the basics of my Catholic Faith and how I am supposed to live it out in my everyday life. Those basics have helped me grow and discern my vocation. I am also happy that St. Mary's School is coming back because it is something that is greatly needed in Platteville.  The Lord has blessed us and I look forward to seeing St. Mary's School in action this upcoming school year.

-David Drefcinski  

Some of my favorite memories are with friends that I met at St. Mary's and are ones that I will never forget. Looking back and being in college now, I miss the lip syncs, Catholic Schools Week, field trips, the fun, etc and we can't forget about the lunches. The lunches were so good. With that being said, it makes me happy that 4k and preschool are being offered again because I want others to be able to have the experience I did. A good one!

-Maggie Durni

I am immensely grateful for my nine years at St. Mary's. St. Mary’s School provided individual attention to foster strengths and promote development, set boundaries while encouraging creativity, and nurtured the spirit of childhood while also preparing me for the next step of my life and education. Most importantly, St. Mary’s School helped solidify the foundation of faith my family laid. It allowed me to grow in my belief and ask questions along the way, provided me with a safe place to fall when my understanding was challenged by tragedy and the unforeseen, and surrounded me with a community that cultivated lifelong friendships.

-Megan Leibfried

For me, going to St. Mary School for 8 years was seriously the best experience of my life. Since I had never had a class more than 12 students, I got to know my classmates better and become good friends with a couple of them. Some of the best teachers I had were the ones from St. Mary. They were all phenomenal and were dedicated in teaching us Catholic education

    -Margaret Drefcinski