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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who can attend St. Mary’s School?

         The school is open to both Catholic and non-Catholic students.


2.  What grades will St. Mary’s School offer?

        St. Mary School will offer a combined 3 and 4K, as well as Kindergarten in 2019. We will add an additional grade each        
         subsequent year through 8th grade.


3.    How much will St. Mary’s School cost?

Tuition and enrollment options HERE.

4.   What curriculum will St. Mary’s follow?

            St. Mary’s will follow curriculum standards set by the Diocese of Madison. 

           This program is designed to set St. Mary’s students up for academic success when they transition to  high school.


5.  Will St. Mary’s curriculum include a second language?

Spanish will be integrated into the curriculum at all levels. Children learn and retain a second language best at a young age and learning a second language has been shown to improve overall academic success.


6.   What are the advantages of Standing Biased desks?

  • Standing biased desks have been utilized throughout the world including the U.S. and multiple studies have shown their academic and health benefits.

    • Improved focus, classroom engagement and academic performance

    • Decreased obesity and improved overall health

    • Improved behavior and decreased discipline problems

  • Students will have the option to sit or stand at their desk as desired but are encouraged to stand for at least a portion of the day.

  • Studies show benefits if students stand for at least one hour per day during class.

7.  How often will St. Mary’s students attend Mass?

  • Students will attend Mass once to three days a week based on grade level and will have regular religious education daily.  Faith and prayer will also be integrated throughout the day as a part of the normal student’s curriculum.

  • Non-Catholic students will not be required to participate in the sacraments of the Catholic Church.  Students will still need to attend Mass and religious education.